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Tranquility Swimmates Disposable Swim Underwear



New from Tranquility: A disposable swim product that won't swell up in water!

Swimmates are the first disposable swim diaper available for bowel containment that won't swell up from the pool water. Use once, then tear the side seams to dispose in the trash. Wear under your swim suit for discreet form fitting protection.


S: Fits 22" to 36" (80 to 120 lbs), 22 per package, 4 packages per case
M: Fits 34" to 48" (120 to 175 lbs), 20 per package, 4 packages per case
L: Fits 44" to 54" (170 to 210 lbs), 18 per package, 4 packages per case
XL: Fits 48" to 66" (210 to 250 lbs), 14 per package, 4 packages per case
XXL: Fits 62" to 80" (250+ lbs) 12 per package, 4 packages per case

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  1. Best fit

    Posted by Lori on 16th Jul 2020

    When I can get in the pool again these are great!

  2. Best fit

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jan 2020

    When I seek for a swim diaper I was not sure I may found something not too baggy like babies diapers. Fortunately the swimmates are just perfect. Take care to choose a size under your usual eg small instead of medium according to the chart. This diaper do not fill with water and do not get loose. So you can be confident in the spa or in the pool regarding possible leaks. They can be wear under swimming shorts but not Speedo. Even it’s diaper I will not be shy to wear it like that if there were some print or Colors like pull up on it. Disposable swim wear for adult can be just usual goods.

  3. Excellent customer service / great product

    Posted by M. Audit on 15th Jul 2019

    This was my first experience with I used the toll free telephone # and the customer service was excellent. I ordered 2 packages of the Tranquility Swimmates and am very pleased with the product. My order was received earlier than expected. I highly recommend this product.

  4. Fantastic Swimming Protection

    Posted by Unknown on 31st May 2019

    Once my special needs son outgrew the Little Swimmers found in retail stores I was at a loss, until I found this Canadian company that sells this fabulous product on line and discreetly and conveniently delivers to our home. Now he can continue to enjoy his swimming lessons, summers at the beach and vacations away and I have the comfort that he's well protected under water. These disposable swim underwear fit well, protect well and do not bulk up in the water. Thank you Healthwick !

  5. absorbs water and leaks

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2018

    The manufacturer needs to create an extra small - the small is not small enough!
    someone who is 80-100 pounds is smaller than someone at 120 pounds, so they don't fit snugly enough to keep out lake water. Also, as you come out of the water, and bend, the "content" is not being held within the brief. So liquid effluent running down one's leg is embarrassing and maddening.
    They Need to review the design.
    Very disappointed.

  6. Great option

    Posted by Jeanette DeVries on 9th Jul 2018

    My son has been using them the last 2 years. He was ages 5 and 6. He is a big kid, and at age 5 they were a little big(size small) Can possibly use this size for another 2 or 3 years depending on growth spurts. They are good in size, as he can tuck them under his bathing suit so other kids don't see it. Problems with excoriation- but that is due to the amount of time wearing it and sand while on vacation. Not from the product itself. Would have loved to see this product in an extra small- which would be the size needed once huggies and pampers don't fit anymore.

  7. 2 KM per week at the pool!

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Feb 2018

    This product enables me to swin again. Swimming is the only exercise that I can do.

    Perhaps you could offer a choice of colours?

    A darker blue for example.

    Good customer service

  8. love it!

    Posted by marie-france gravel on 25th Aug 2017

    i use them for my daughter who has 26 years old and has cerebral palsy and we go swim a lot. its so much better than regular diapers. it hides well under her bathing suit and doesn't swallow up water but restrain stuff.... so its great.

  9. My daughter can swim again

    Posted by Kristine Schwartz on 27th Jul 2017

    My daughter was born with a disability that has left her incontinent, but swimming was an amazing therapy for her. She wore Huggies or Pampers swimmer options until she reached an age where they no longer fit well. Left with no other options, she squeezed into them for another year, because she adores the water.

    When I found Healthwick and their disposable swimmer options, I was so pleased. Their smallest size is a bit too big (it would be nice for a size that would land between the Huggies swimmers and Healthwick's small size), but my daughter is swimming comfortably again!

  10. excellent swim diaper

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jul 2017

    I used this product for my autistic son who is too big for toddler swimming diapers. This product fits and works well. The elastic wasteband allows for a snug fit for a wide size range

  11. good product for stomach issues

    Posted by Grandma on 11th Jun 2017

    I have a weak bladder with urine leakage which I don't worry about but sometimes have IBS issues which scare me due to potential mess, pathogens, and need for hyperchlorination. This product provides security from fear. They do hold a bit of pool water but provide a barrier in case of an accident. With a one piece swim suit they are discreet. I try to limit food intake before swimming and so far have had no issues. With an aging population this product fills a niche market. Older people cannot get out of the pool as easily as young athletes who can hop out easily, so this insurance policy is comforting. I envision an uptake in the older adult market since many of us spend a long time swimming due to arthritis. For some older people swimming and aquafitness is our only form of serious exercise.

  12. Swim mates absorb pool water

    Posted by Alice on 3rd Oct 2016

    I have used this product twice and the pad inside absorbs pool water once you start moving around. After 45 minutes in the pool it was completely saturated with pool water and uncomfortable.
    They are not pretty much invisible under a bathing suit

  13. Ok

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2016

    I normally don't swim because I'm afraid of accidents. I got a sample of these because I wanted to swim with friends. I'm a guy and I think I should of worn maybe shorts that didn't get soft when they got wet. I'm positive my friends saw the brief which swelled up a little.

    I will say u can tell wearing them the elastic is great

  14. Great fit!

    Posted by Marilyn Silvester on 21st May 2016

    I am very pleased how discreet these disposable swimwear fit under my bathing suit.. I have not had the opportunity to go swimming yet, but look forward to a good experience.

  15. would need it in Xsmall

    Posted by Josée on 1st May 2016

    I ordered the small but my daughter would need xsmall unfortunately it is not offered

  16. Swimmates revew

    Posted by Mona Levenstein on 7th Mar 2016

    Think these are great . They fit large

  17. Adult Swim Pants

    Posted by Debbie on 2nd Oct 2015

    Though I found these late in our swimming season, they will be life altering during next summer. My Adult Daughter's favorite thing to do is swim and though I have other swim pants, they are awkward and cumbersome (Plus need cleaning). My daughter being 28 is a tiny lady and a very hard fit (being too big or too small). These disposable briefs are just right and she looks like she is only wearing her swimsuit. Thank you for your product.

  18. Excellent

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2015

    Very discreet under swimsuit.

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