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Rearz "Safari" Super Absorbent Adult Diapers



The diaper experts at Rearz started from scratch to develop the most absorbent, most comfortable adult diaper on Earth, and then bring them to Canada. These premium briefs feature a 5L capacity as well as:

  • 4th generation super absorbent polymers (SAP) which have a 4x liquid absorption rate (vs store brands) and better retaining power, even under pressure when sitting or lying down.
  • Super durable refastenable tapes
  • Thick core material with USA Grade A filler and exceptionally soft quilted texture.
  • Tall standing leg guards
  • Full front and back elastic waistbands
  • Durable plastic-like waterproof material.

This product features a safari print with baby animals. For plain white, please check out the Rearz Inspire product here. People who search for Bambino on Healthwick also enjoy this product. 



Quick Information

S: 12 per package, 3 packages per case, fits 27" - 36"
M: 12 per package, 3 packages per case, fits 32" - 42"
L: 10 per package, 3 packages per case, fits 40" - 52"
XL: 10 per package, 3 packages per case, fits 50" - 62"

Quick Information

S: 12 per package, 3 packages per case, fits 27" - 36"
M: 12 per package, 3 packages per case, fits 32" - 42"
L: 10 per package, 3 packages per case, fits 40" - 52"
XL: 10 per package, 3 packages per case, fits 50" - 62"

Product Reviews

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  1. Very happy with them

    Posted by Randy on 7th Feb 2020

    I sure like these they are very absorbent and comfortable to wear I will continue ordering these. From Healthwick I’m very happy with the staff at health wick thier staff is very helpful I’m sure happy I opened a account with health wick thank you Healthwick you sure made my life better

  2. Very absorbent

    Posted by Randy on 9th Jan 2020

    I sure like these they are very absorbent and I find them a very good pruduct they hold a lot very comfortable and very absorbent I where these when I’m wearing jeans or just relaxing at home I would recommend them to anyone I’m very happy with the staff at health wick and would recommend health wick to anyone needing adult diapers thank you health wick

  3. A very good product

    Posted by Randy on 15th Nov 2019

    I am very happy with the safari adult diapers they fit very well Ian very happy and pleased that I opened a account with health wick I would like to thank Healthwick and their staff I am very happy with them I really enjoy these diapers

  4. mostly solid

    Posted by silver on 23rd Sep 2016

    very comfortable and high capacity, though the manufacturing seems a little inconsistent. on the first one i tried i didn't realize until after that the elastics on one of the leg guards was missing and leaked immediately. and even on the rest of the pack seem to be looser on one side than the other.

    i also find the tapes to be quite small for a diaper of this size and do not hold it as snug as i would like

  5. My Favorite Diapers

    Posted by Mike on 24th Aug 2016

    I've been wearing diapers pretty much my entire life and I have to say that these are my current favorites. They're super comfy, playful (which I think too many diapers out there are not), thick and thirsty (I've worn one for 12 hours without leaking), and above all else they perform like diapers should. My only complaint is that I wish they were more affordable because if they were I'd wear them all the time instead of as a treat.
    Now if discretion is an issue for you, I think that you might want to consider a different diaper because aside from having a baby-like print and a crinkley backing, they're among some of the thickest diapers I've ever worn even before wetting them. But, however, if you're not overly concerned with discretion then put on one of these diapers (you'll be glad you did).

  6. Great product by Rearz.

    Posted by Violet on 1st Aug 2016

    I've bought all the Rearz products from this website & these in my opinion are the thickest & most absorbent product by Rearz available on this site.

    The Safari brief seems to be a little thicker than the standard Rearz Inspire & Rearz InControl briefs.

    Rearz Safari is my favourite product so far & I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a higher end product but if the designs aren't your thing I'd recommend Rearz InContol, I got a monthly shipment of four each last month & intend on reordering the same two products until their sale ends then I'll be buying Rearz InContol only.

  7. Very satisfied!

    Posted by Michel on 30th Jul 2016

    I find this product met my needs and design is quite fun too!

  8. Have some fun!

    Posted by Andrew McKinnon on 15th Jul 2016

    So I recently tried these because if you have to wear diapers then might as well have some fun.

    The print is cute but I did not pay close enough attention to the sizing so for me they are a bit small. If you plan to buy, make sure to review the sizes.

  9. Rearz spoiled and happy

    Posted by Merle on 28th Jun 2016

    Rearz Ian excellent product. Price can be prohibitive for someone on a tight budget. My mom likes the fact that they can be resealed. The fit is extremely comfortable. Moisture wicks away from the body's as promised. I would definitely continue to use them for overnight and long appointments or road trips

  10. Wow!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jun 2016

    Absolutely fearless briefs. These are probably overkill for most purposes, but boy are they comfortable. I bought a pack of these to try on vacation to reduce changes and the amount of briefs I haul around. If I'm in for the afternoon/evening, or on a long drive portion of my trip, these can handle double what you need, easily. Between staying in for the evening and wearing overnight, being in these briefs 14 hours felt better on my skin than four hours in most other briefs. The moisture was locked away really well. After that time, by weight, these briefs held 2L, or 40% capacity, and were not totally soaked by any means (some dry spots still), and were not sagging when I got up in the morning.

    We should talk about discretion, however. This product's bulk does not make it easy to conceal, even when dry. If I worried about discretion with these, then the pattern on top of that, I would use a different product in places people are likely to notice. I use other briefs when out in public. However, when in private for the night, it feels good to put on something absolutely reliable and a little bit fun.

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