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Healthwick Guide to Incontinence


You're not alone!

More than 3.3 million Canadians of all ages are managing incontinence, and as many as 50% of people over the age of 65 deal with it daily. Incontinence is simply involuntary urinary or bowel leakage, which can range from very light leaks to heavy bedwetting.

There are many potential reasons for incontinence, including spinal injury, prostate issuesstrokecognitive impairment, or simply aging, which tends to weaken the muscles which support our bladders. Whether it's you or a loved one managing incontinence, it can bring up a number of difficult emotions: 

  • Anxiety about having an embarrassing leak in public.
  • Fear that incontinence will lower one's quality of life.
  • Shame of being unable to control bodily functions.
  • Frustration over finding a suitable incontinence product to use.

These are perfectly normal feelings but they shouldn't hold you back from finding solutions that will help you manage incontinence (for either yourself or a family member) so that life can be lived healthfully and confidently. 


Healthwick is here to help.

At Healthwick, we've compiled Canada's largest selection of incontinence products, from national name brands to niche products and specialty sizes that can't be found in stores. Our team of Product Specialists are expertly trained to provide exceptional advice and knowledge to help guide you or your loved one to a solution that will ensure optimal quality of life and health. And all orders are shipped discreetly in unmarked packages to your or your loved one's home, so you never have to worry about carrying home bulky boxes from the store.


Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Incontinence 

1) Talk to your Doctor or Registered Nurse Practitioner (if you haven't already).

Many forms of incontinence can be managed or eliminated simply through medication, lifestyle changes or physiotherapy. Talking with a healthcare professional will help you learn your options for treatment.


Many hospitals offer Continence Clinics where you can speak with a Nurse Continence Advisor who specializes in urinary and bowel incontinence management.


2) Determine Which Products are Right For You

There is an enormous range of continence care products available in Canada, and it can some times feel overwhelming to choose which ones to try. The chart below can help you narrow down your options to one of three popular product types: 


Pads and Male Guards

Absorbent Underwear

Briefs/Adult Diapers


 Active or athletic lifestyle.  Active to sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle or mobility-impaired individuals.


 Very Light to Moderate  Moderate to Heavy  Moderate to Maximum


Easy to change and dispose of. Low price point. Doesn't require sizing. Familiar style of product similar to regular underwear. Easy to use. Good absorbency. Best absorbency. Easy to change without completely undressing. Adjustable fit.


Limited absorbency. Not suitable for heavy or surge incontinence. More prone to leaks. Need to be changed frequently. Not quite as absorbent as most adult diapers. Sometimes difficult to find the right fit. Difficult to change without undressing. Higher price point. Stigma of using a "diaper" product. Not as discreet under clothing. May need to practice application to ensure a propert fitting.


3) Measure for the Right Fit

If choosing an underwear or adult diaper style product, fit is very important. A product which is too small causes skin irritation, while one that is too big will result in leaks.

helpfultip.jpgMeasure both the hips and the waist of the individual and use whichever measurement is larger to find the correct size. All Healthwick products are clearly labelled with the size ranges in inches in the product description to help you find exactly the correct size.


4) Order Free Samples

Healthwick partners with almost all national manufacturers to provide free samples, so you can try up to 5 products in the privacy of your home before purchasing an entire package. Simply shop online or order by phone and pay shipping, plus get free shipping on your next order over $50.


Not sure which product to choose? Use our "Choose For Me" option and our Product Specialists will hand-select the best products for you to try.


5) Don't Forget Skin Care

Incontinence can be rough on your skin. The delicate perineal area is prone to irritation and rashes due to contact with urine or feces. Cleanse your private area with wipes or cleansers at every product change and apply a specialty barrier cream to protect the skin. The small additional cost of a proper incontinence hygiene product can prevent expensive rashes and urinary tract infections in many cases.

helpfultip.jpgConsider a 3-in-1 product that combines a cleanser, moisturizer and skin protector that simply wipes on and wipes off for easy protection.


6) Protect Your Bedding

Overnight incontinence is one of the more difficult elements to manage, and a late-night leak can result in an unpleasant mess for your mattress. Consider ordering underpads which can protect your mattress and eliminate the need to change bedding in the middle of the night.

helpfultip.jpgConsider investing in 2 or 3 washable underpads, which are a better value than disposable ones in the long-term.


7) Make Ordering Convenient and Easy

Once you've discovered which of the samples work best for you, simply order online or call Healthwick toll-free at 1-877-775-6656 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST) for easy and fast ordering of your products. 

helpfultip.jpgEliminate the risk of running out of product AND save when you sign up for the free Healthwick Automatic Delivery Program. Healthwick will automatically ship your order monthly plus give you an extra 5% off your orders. You can cancel or change your order at any time.


8) Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions!

The Healthwick team is here to help. There is no such thing as a bad question. Our goal is to make sure that you are able to manage incontinence in order to lead a healthy, confident life. Some of our most commonly asked questions are:


 - How do I put an adult diaper on my mother?

 - Should I put a pad inside my absorbent underwear to make it hold more?

 - Can I claim my incontinence products for a tax deduction?

 - Is there a similar product that is less expensive?

 - Where can I find a Continence Clinic in my area?

Don't hesitate to Contact Us at any point for prompt, professional and compassionate answers to your questions.

Take care,




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