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Freedom Alert Rental

Freedom Alert


Reliable and instant access to help in an emergency! Why buy when you can rent?

$30 per month (includes FREE setup)

The Freedom Alert pendant is a wearable communication device that lets you contact your family, friends or 911 at the touch of a button when help is needed. The 2-way communicator works through your home phone line, automatically calling out to up to 4 numbers plus 911 when you press the button and letting you have a conversation with the other party.

The Freedom Alert pendant is perfect for:

      • Seniors with a history of slip and fall injuries.
      • Patients recovering at home alone from a stay in the hospital or after a medical procedure.
      • People with light to moderate dementia or Alzheimer’s, who may need reassurance from a loved one during confusing moments.
      • Family members with mobility problems that would make it difficult to get to the phone in case of accident or emergency.
      • Caregivers who worry about their loved ones being home alone when they’re out grocery shopping or running errands.

Unlike traditional wall units, the Freedom Alert pendant goes with you wherever you are – the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen or even your backyard! – giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens, you’ll instantly be able to ask for help.

The Freedom Alert is portable to any house with a phone line in Canada or the US. It’s totally secure, and works only when you press the button. The pendant works 24/7 and doesn’t need to be plugged in to be charged. You can continue to use your existing phone with the base station. And the built-in battery backup works for up to 24 hours in case of a power failure.

How does the rental work?

With Healthwick’s easy rental of the Freedom Alert system, we program the unit with up to 4 numbers of family or friends you would want to call in an emergency. We then quality test it for you and ship it directly to your home. You simply plug the base station into your phone line at your home and put the lanyard on – that’s it!

Keep the pendant as long as you like for a low monthly rental fee of $30. When you feel you no longer need the Freedom Alert pendant, simply put everything back in the box and return to us with the included free shipping label.

Your Freedom Alert rental includes:

      • Free shipping both ways by Canada Post Expedited Parcel.
      • The water-resistant Freedom Alert pendant with lanyard, fully charged and ready to use.
      • Base station to plug into your phone line, pre-programmed with up to 4 phone numbers.
      • One courtesy call each month to answer any questions and remind you to charge your pendant.

The Freedom Alert system retails for $299. But with Healthwick’s easy rental system, you can rent it for $30 per month, plus a one-time $50 set-up charge. PLUS if you choose to keep your Freedom Alert system, we’ll credit you back 50% of your monthly rental charges to date toward the purchase!

Rent today and we'll contact you within 1 business day to confirm your contact numbers and rental details.

***By completing your purchase today, you are agreeing to an ongoing monthly rental of the Freedom Alert device. You will be charged $30 for each month or partial month of rental until the unit is returned to Healthwick. You next charge will be $30, occurring 40 days from order date and then every month thereafter.


Freedom Alert FAQs

Will the Freedom Alert pendant work outside my home?

The Freedom Alert pendant is paired with the base station in your home, and will only work while you’re in your house or yard.

However, if you’re planning an extended visit to another home, you can simply take the base station with you to the other address.


Can I wear the Freedom Alert to bed? Or in the bath?

To prevent the Freedom Alert from accidentally being pressed in your sleep, we recommend that you put it on your bedside table or hang it on your headboard for easy access.

The Freedom Alert pendant is water resistant, but shouldn’t be directly immersed in water, so it shouldn’t be worn in the bath, shower or hot tub. We suggest hanging it on the outside of your shower, or putting it on your towel, within easy reach.


Will the Freedom Alert work if the power goes out?

Yes! The Freedom Alert has a backup battery that will operate for 24 hours in case of a power outage.

If the power goes out (or the base station is accidentally unplugged), the base station will announce that the unit is running on battery power and a red light will flash on the unit as a visual warning.


Does the Freedom Alert work for the visually impaired?

Yes! Both the Freedom Alert pendant and the base station use audible messaging, letting you know what it’s doing any point from calling out to your contacts to warning you if the battery needs replacing or the power is out.


Can I take the Freedom Alert with me on vacation?

Yes! Simply unplug the base station from your phone and take both it and your lanyard with you to your vacation destination, anywhere in Canada or the US.

Then plug your base station in at your vacation home and the pendant will immediately work at that address.

Best of all, if you do have to call 911, they will automatically have your vacation address, based on the phone number of the vacation property.


How often do I have to charge the pendant?

The pendant never needs to leave your side! The pendant works with a small rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 6 months on a single charge.

Two batteries are included with your rental – one in the pendant and one in the base charging station. We recommend that you swap the batteries out monthly just to be safe. We even provide a complimentary reminder call each month just for this reason.

You can also check the battery at any time by pressing the grey button on the back of the unit. The pendant will tell you if the battery is okay, the battery is low, or the battery should be immediately swapped for a recharged one.


Can anyone listen in on me with the Freedom Alert pendant?

No. The pendant only works when you push the button and only calls out to the telephone numbers you’ve had it programmed for, plus 911 as a last resort.

Until you’ve pushed the button to call one of these numbers, no one can listen in on you.


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