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For Teens

Teens, youths and young adults experience unique challenges when managing incontinence. It's often difficult to find the right size of product or determine which products will meet the youth's needs for both mobility and discretion.

And, although thousands of youths in Canada deal with temporary or permanent incontinence each year, youths are often embarassed to discuss their needs or shop for products.

Healthwick ship-to-home service offers a dignified and discreet solution for youths and young adults managing their incontinence.


Which Products Are Best?

For youths and teens who lead active lifestyles (such as attending school or playing sports) underwear style products or pads with reusable undergarments are generally preferred, as they're similar to regular underwear and provide discreet incontinence management.

For youths and teens who are not mobile and may work with a caregiver OR which experience only nightly incontinence, adult diapers or underpads are often preferred.

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Still Not Sure? Healthwick offers a FREE Sample Program to allow your youth to try up to 5 different products in the privacy of your home.


How to Talk to Your Teen About Incontinence

  • When speaking with your teen or youth about incontinence, it's important to be honest and informative.
  • You may wish to discuss the topic with your family physician beforehand and/or research products before discussing the topic, in order to be prepared to answer questions.
  • Reassure your teen that incontinence is a common condition for youths, and can easily be managed in a discreet way so as to minimize the impact on their daily activities. 
  • Do not initially bring the conversation to adult diapers; there are many alternatively named products available for this condition. 
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