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2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Thank you to all who were invited and participated in our 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey!

As always, your feedback and your comments are so valuable to us and help us improve our service going forward. We were touched by some of the kind words we received and we take your constructive criticism to heart so we can do better in the future.

Per the survey invite, the first 150 survey respondents (below) were given a choice of a store credit or gift card as a thank you for their help and will receive their chosen rewards in the next few business days.

If you have any questions, of course, please don't hesitate to reach out!

First 150 Respondents:

  • b**********r@gmail.com
  • s***********k@msn.com
  • V******l@hotmail.com
  • b***********7@gmail.com
  • J*************a@gmail.com
  • d*******2@cogeco.ca
  • p*******0@gmail.com
  • d************1@gmail.com
  • l***i@hotmail.ca
  • j*********d@cogeco.ca
  • m*************s@hotmail.com
  • d*********e@live.com
  • K*********s@hotmail.com
  • J*************f@hotmail.com
  • m***************n@gmail.com
  • H******r@hotmail.com
  • c*******************h@hotmail.ca
  • s*********4@bell.net
  • e********o@gmail.com
  • J********3@rogers.com
  • g****s@rogers.com
  • s***************n@yahoo.com
  • s***************0@gmail.com
  • m**********7@hotmail.com
  • j************s@gmail.com
  • S**********0@yahoo.ca
  • j****1@rogers.com
  • D**********f@gmail.com
  • S******s@rogers.com
  • s*****m@hotmail.com
  • h********d@gmail.com
  • m*****8@rogers.com
  • s******z@hotmail.com
  • s****s@sympatico.ca
  • M**********b@mac.com
  • t*********4@hotmail.com
  • r*******n@gmail.com
  • l********r@hotmail.com
  • l******o@gmail.com
  • d******i@sympatico.ca
  • r*************s@rogers.com
  • e********n@gmail.com
  • m*********d@gmx.com
  • l**********8@outlook.com
  • r******b@hotmail.com
  • h*****2@shaw.ca
  • a*********w@gmail.com
  • o*******d@hotmail.com
  • g***h@bell.net
  • b*****e@tbaytel.net
  • d********v@gmail.com
  • d*********m@outlook.com
  • r*******5@gmail.com
  • t*********l@shaw.ca
  • k*****1@hotmail.com
  • G***********z@rogers.com
  • j********8@sympatico.ca
  • J*******n@live.ca
  • m***********4@gmail.com
  • s*******2@hotmail.com
  • c*********y@sympatico.ca
  • a*******y@yahoo.com
  • R***********o@gmail.com
  • d**3@outlook.com
  • r********d@hotmail.com
  • d********r@hotmail.com
  • s******s@live.ca
  • b***t@cogeco.ca
  • a*********9@gmail.com
  • t************d@hotmail.com
  • c*******i@rogers.com
  • s*******a@hotmail.com
  • z*****e@bell.net
  • m*****f@yahoo.com
  • h**********m@hotmail.com
  • s***********n@cibc.com
  • A*********4@hotmail.com
  • l*********p@gmail.com
  • E************e@nexicom.net
  • D************7@hotmail.com
  • r***********r@gmail.com
  • j******d@hotmail.ca
  • t*****s@hotmail.com
  • a**********d@hotmail.com
  • j**********l@rogers.com
  • j*************i@icloud.com
  • b********l@gmail.com
  • N*********c@gmail.com
  • M*****4@mymts.net
  • p********n@hotmail.com
  • c********n@me.com
  • g***********n@rogers.com
  • b***h@sympatico.ca
  • d*********a@sympatico.ca
  • d********3@yahoo.ca
  • l*****p@sympatico.ca
  • s************6@gmail.com
  • S******t@rogers.com
  • d**********r@gmail.com
  • C******6@Hotmail.com
  • c********************e@gmail.com
  • c********a@rogers.com
  • j***********n@gmail.com
  • c****************1@hotmail.com
  • j*******n@icloud.com
  • a********z@outlook.com
  • a****o@outlook.com
  • l*******m@yahoo.com
  • w**********h@shaw.ca
  • T******0@hotmail.com
  • w*******s@outlook.com
  • M***********r@hotmail.com
  • c*********b@hotmail.ca
  • S**************l@gmail.com
  • P******g@me.com
  • K******0@yahoo.ca
  • J********k@yahoo.com
  • w*********t@yahoo.ca
  • n******b@rogers.com
  • j********s@yahoo.com
  • d**********e@yahoo.ca
  • u**********e@hotmail.com
  • d**********o@gmail.com
  • k******n@sympatico.ca
  • b***************e@gmail.com
  • J*********3@gmail.com
  • m*******r@live.ca
  • d******e@gmail.com
  • b****************n@live.ca
  • s***************1@live.ca
  • h*************3@gmail.com
  • m**********t@gmail.com
  • n************n@gmail.com
  • l*********s@rogers.com
  • s******b@yahoo.ca
  • C*************0@gmail.com
  • K**************5@gmail.com
  • D**********s@hotmail.com
  • S****t@hotmail.com
  • c**********t@gmail.com
  • s************e@hotmail.com
  • m******i@gmail.com
  • j******y@hotmail.com
  • G********p@icloud.com
  • m************7@gmail.com
  • l*****************u@gmail.com
  • k*********n@gmail.com
  • p**********2@gmail.com
  • T********5@hotmail.com
  • O**********g@hotmail.com

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