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Depend Protection Tabbed Briefs



Depend Protection with Tabs briefs is designed for quick and discreet changing without having to remove your pants and shoes - at home or on the go. This style features perforated sides that neatly tear open with six pre-fastened tabs you can adjust for a snug, customized fit. You'll find it offers worry-free odor control. It can be worn two ways: They can be pulled on like regular underwear straight out of the package; or they feature perforations at the hip seams which may be opened so that the garment may be put on more like a conventional fit. 

Protection with Tabs is designed with 6 EasyGrip tabs for discreet open changing. This absorbent garment features a wetness indicator line so you know when it’s time to change, and has additional side leakage protection built-in. 

S/M: 20 units per package, fits 19" - 34" waist and 26-41" hips
L: 16 units per package, fits 35" - 49" waist and 42-54" hips

19673/85528 19673/855281 19740/19672 19740/196721




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  1. The Depends I remember

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jan 2020

    Although they may only hold 2 slow release wettings, they did a great job of making sure everything is good while I sleep

  2. Good diapers

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Sep 2019

    I wear these diapers and it’s great

  3. myreveiw

    Posted by john payton on 18th Aug 2019

    I was aske to try several other brands for free and depends will always be the best

  4. Not perfect, but much better than many would assume for a household brand name

    Posted by Louis on 5th Oct 2018

    These briefs don’t get the appreciation they deserve because they could pass for an imported brand in almost every way.

    First off, they’re poly backed, which is somewhat rare. In addition, they: fit nicely; are as comfortable as diapers can be; have great elastics - some of the best I've seen; disappear under clothing; are durable; and have good tapes that work well given how easily they detach. Only drawbacks are they are crinkly (but not too bad), not as quick absorbing as premium briefs (picky, but true) and – my only real beef, as with all Depend products - the matting gets “bunched” when sitting for a long time.

    For something so readily available and well-priced, they’re great.

  5. Depend Briefs

    Posted by Doug on 15th Jan 2018

    I just want to give my 2 cents about the Depend diapers. To me this is the best incontinence product they make. They work great for a moderate to heavy leakage and if your able to change after leaks.

    The best things about this diaper are:, leg/waist elastics- if diaper is applied correctly they are basically leak proof as I've never had any moisture escape the green elastic or come within an inch of the top padding. Whether sleeping or standing it soaks towards the center of the pad and draws moisture away from the center. Plastic covering - I was concerned about this but it's quite excellent as it's very silent and discrete. I wear them for anything and nobody can tell. Very form fitting: this is important for any incontinence product and this is a plus with this product.

    The negatives: I've had inconsistenties from the factory but I give Depend credit they have compensated bad packages, also the tabs aren't perfect as every once in awhile had the diaper come totally loose, also it does stretch so every 4 hours you'll have to change it, tapes aren't refastenable so if you pull the diaper down you won't be able to reuse it.

    To wrap it up its an outstanding product for short term use in all your daily activities but I won't consider this for overnight use.

  6. Depends diapers

    Posted by Beverley Dykeman on 7th Jan 2018

    If time trying these and so far they seem too keep her cloths dry. Nol wetness through.

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