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Crinklz Adult Diaper



These maximum absorbency adult briefs are suitable for heavy voiding or overnight protection, with a capacity of 4.4 L.
This product was designed specifically to reduce leaks, with a light, all-round waist elastic, large tape tabs, and extra high standing leg cuffs.
It has a built in wetness indicator and odour-reduction, as well as a thick plastic exterior to prevent pin-prick leaks.
Like the Confidry 24/7, Rearz InControl and Safari, or Forsite AM PM, this plastic-backed brief is quite bulky, so please keep in mind when ordering.  This product features a print with baby animals and stars. For a plain white version of this diaper, please check out BetterDry here. People who search for Bambino on Healthwick also enjoy this product. 

M: 15 units per package, 4 packages per case, fits 29" to 43"
L: 15 units per package, 4 packages per case, fits 43" to 59"

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  1. Oh, for the love of baby furs!

    Posted by Mougy Wolf on 20th Feb 2019

    Who said incontinence can't be cute? Talk about a niche market. I have to admit, these were just too cute to pass up on!

    As a diaper goes, this one has thicker padding than most, and will last a good while before leaking occurs, although once soaked, the absorbent material tends to shift to the bottom of the diaper.

    Aesthetically, very pleasing. I can't believe that it features the artwork of Marci. Wow! <3 Too cute!

    Price point is a bit steep, but considering this is a product designed by and for a specific community in mind, a community which I am a part of in mind, it's worth every penny.

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