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Healthwick is Canada's best online incontinence store, offering Albertan's direct-to-home discreet shipping of adult incontinence products. We are committed to reducing the challenging stress associated with incontinence, all thanks to a caring team that offers you knowledge, support and service assistance.
With the greatest selection of adult diaper brands and incontinence products that come in a variety of sizes and styles, take control of your daily lifestyle. Find plastic and cloth backed absorbency briefs, underwear, incontinence pads, swim diapers, underpads, booster pads, male guards, creams and washes, catheters (intermittent / condom) and so much more for all your needs. Sleep through the night with one of the many nighttime diaper products found at Healthwick!



What is the AADL (Alberta Aids to Daily Living) benefits program?

The AADL benefits program helps qualified residents pay for incontinence (and other medical) supplies by reimbursing a portion of their expenditure. Alberta residents who have incontinence challenges and hold a valid Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) card may qualify for the program.

AADL is a program that provides access to basic equipment and supplies to help improve your functioning daily lifestyle by reimbursing a portion of the expenditure. AADL is available to anybody in Alberta, regardless of income. The patient can be  assessed by a nurse, doctor, homecare or an MS clinic to gain approval for AADL coverage.

I have benefits, how do I buy products from Healthwick?

After you have had your assessment form filled out by an authorizer, and approved, you can buy your medical equipment from an approved AADL vendor such as Healthwick. AADL cannot refund clients who purchase their own medical equipement and supplies before being assessed and authorized.

We will need the filled out Authorization form sent to us in order to fulfill your order.

Still need assistance? Contact us for assistance with ordering your supplies today by calling 1-877-775-6656.

What's the first step to applying for AADL benefits?

Want to know if you’re eligible? Click here for AHCIP registration, and here to apply for AADL benefits.

An assessment will be required by an AADL Authorizer (such as a registered doctor). They can help determine what supplies you can get through the AADL program.

If I have low income or receiving income assistance, how much do I pay?

Low income or AISH recipients may be exempt from the 25% cost sharing.

You can order directly from a dealer once approved, paying 25% (to maximum $500 per family / year) of the cost, with the other 75% billed by the vendor to AADL. Co-paying with private insurance is available as well. 

Where can you ship products to?

We can ship your products discreetly and quickly straight to your home in:

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Canmore
  • Banff
  • St. Albert
  • Red Deer
  • Lethbridge
  • Or anywhere else in the province!

If you would like supplies shipped to our Calgary office for pickup, the address is:

  • 4624 11 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 2W7, Canada - Advantage Home Health Solutions

We can help whether you're paying for supplies yourselves, or as an AADL vendor, if you have support from AADL (Alberta Aids to Daily Living).

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