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The Last Mile

Posted by Rachel on

When you are dealing with incontinence, there are a lot of decisions you must face: what brand of diaper to choose, the style, the absorbency level, and the size, for starters. However, there is one aspect of incontinence that affects everyone but isn’t often openly discussed: diaper disposal. Here are some solutions to this “pink elephant in the room” problem. We’d love to hear your suggestions and tips — share them in the comments below!

A Discreet, Trustworthy System

There are plenty of diaper disposal systems on the market, but most aren’t designed for the needs and volume of an adult user. That’s where the JANIBELL Akord Adult Incontinence Disposal System comes in. With enough capacity to fit 35 adult diapers or up to 120 infant diapers, the JANIBELL system comes pre-loaded with a liner and is therefore ready-to-use right out of the box. Odours are trapped thanks to its unique, hands-free design, and the unit solicits only a small footprint on your washroom floor.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

If you find yourself with budgetary constraints (don’t we all?), remember that you don't necessarily have to rely on professional disposal systems or bags. In fact, you likely have oodles of a cost-effective disposal product sitting in your house at this moment: those 5-cent shopping bags you purchase every time you forget to pack a reusable bag. They are going to be tossed in the trash anyway — why not fill them before they hit the trash?

Get Green

You may not be aware that some municipalities across Canada, like Toronto and York Region, allow for diaper and sanitary product disposal as part of their green bin programs. Contact your local garbage and recycling services or search online to find out if your town is part of the green diaper movement!

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The Creams of the Crop

One of the unpleasant and unfortunate side effects of incontinence is red, chapped skin, also known as dermatitis. The seal created by a well-made and properly working diaper can keep sweat and other liquids close to the body, causing this uncomfortable (and unwanted) result. If you or a loved one is dealing with incontinence, a high-quality cream should be [...]

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Compressions Socks from Lunatik Athletiks

Need your compression socks to make a fashion statement?Or are you looking for the medical benefits of compression hosiery but also want your personality to shine through?Have you checked out Healthwick’s latest selection of Lunatik Athletiks Compression socks? These Canadian designed socks come in bright colors and patterns to make you look fabulous!My doctor suggested [...]

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BioFlex Laser User Review

Pain Pain go away. Do not come back another day!I have been suffering chronic foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis for over a year. If you have never suffered from plantar fasciitis, consider yourself lucky!Two months ago I was at my chiropractor for treatment of my plantar fasciitis and he mentioned that he had successfully [...]

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And the Oscar Goes To.... 4 Academy Award Nominees Managing Incontinence

Oscar nominees are famous for their stunning awards-night looks, but some may be discreetly wearing a continence containment product under their glittering dresses and suave tuxedos.Here are 4 Academy Award nominees who have talked publicly about what it's like to manage incontinence, on or off the red carpet:Kate WinsletWinner Best Actress for The ReaderKate Elizabeth [...]

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​Why Don’t We Have Healthwick Free Shipping?

Okay, so we know that free shipping is a big deal for online shoppers. It seems like every other company has a free shipping offer over a certain threshold - $25 or 50 seems like the common limit.So why doesn’t Healthwick offer free shipping?Believe it or not, Healthwick has tested free shipping offers many times, and some of [...]

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​It’s a Wash: Incontinence Washcloths and Wipes

Many people are familiar with “baby wipes” – those thin, premoistened washcloths used to clean the skin at diaper changes. Not much bigger than the moist towelettes you get at fast food restaurants, they do a basic job in cleaning up messes, but aren’t quite up to the task of cleaning an adult-sized person. That’s why we have adult washcloths [...]

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NEW: Freedom Alert Rental Program

Last spring, one of our customers contacted us in a predicament.She was about to go into the hospital for knee surgery that would have a long recovery period at home, when she’d have limited mobility and risk of complications. This lovely lady lived alone in a small apartment and her daughter lived out of town. So, it wasn’t an [...]

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Healthwick's 5th Annual List of Bestselling Incontinence Products

Specialty brands dominate the best selling adult diapers and absorbent underwear for last year. In Healthwick’s 5 th annual list of the bestselling incontinence products, niche brands like Tranquility, Abena and Confidry 24/7 have emerged as the most in-demand products from 2016, along with the tried-and-true national retail brand TENA. Healthwick is Canada’s largest online shop for incontinence products, including adult diapers, absorbent underwear, pads, [...]

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December's Featured Brand: Prevail

We are excited to announce that our featured brand for the Month of December is Prevail. Prevail has released new colourful disposable underwear options for women, as well as overnight underwear and pad products specially designed to keep you protected and uninterrupted throughout the night. While affordable and effective, the Prevail products contain exclusive features and superior quality for a [...]

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